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Knife Rack 550

Knife Rack 550

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The magnetic Knife Rack 550 is a simple & practical space-saving addition to the kitchen. This knife rack provides safe and secure storage for your most important kitchen tools. Designed to hold 11 knives, this knife rack is an attractive and subtle solution to a common kitchen storage problem.

More practical than a bulky and unsanitary knife block, the magnetic Knife Rack clearly displays your knives making it easy to select the right knife for the job. Attach other frequently used kitchen utensils such as scissors and tongs to make your kitchen even more practical.

Powerful magnets are hidden beneath the timber finish providing a non-scratch and durable surface to store your knives. The Knife Rack is finished with organic coconut oil to provide a porous surface, allowing your knives to breath while being stored. Precision crafted from sustainably sourced (FSC certified) hardwoods, this knife rack is designed to last.

The Knife Rack is supplied with fitting instructions, screws and wall plugs. A drill, drill bit and screwdriver are required to fit this product to your wall. Heavy duty double sided tape may be used in place of screws (at your own risk) if you're not able to drill into your wall. Knives are not included.

The video below shows the knife rack mounting process using the supplied wall plugs and screws. Wall plugs will not be required when mounting the knife rack on a timber surface. If you're not sure or have any questions, feel free to contact us.


Organic Coconut Oil


Black Walnut, Beech


550 x 64 x 23 mm

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